Hey, this is me.

Hey, this is me (on the left. My friend Mina on the right!)

I live in Brooklyn, but my heart belongs in Rochester. I drink lots of coffee, but I prefer wine. I hate going to the gym, so I use Youtube videos for my workout routines instead. I'm not the girl that counts down the days until summer. Give me sweater weather. Give me sweater weather any, no, EVERY day of the year.

I'm a little kooky. A little weird. I believe "eccentric" is the polite term to use. Yeah... I'm eccentric. I have a baby. she was born with four legs... because she's a cat. She and I have conversations all the time.

"Good morning, pretty lady!"


"Why thank you! You're looking pretty good yourself!"


"Want to sit on my lap while I drink coffee?"


Welcome to my life.

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