Party Like a ROC Star

Oooooo baby, this Rochester-born girl just had a birthday and it was on fire! Granted, it was celebrated in NYC, because, uh, that's where I live now, duh... But nobody parties like the peeps in the ROC (you can fight me on this, but you'll lose) and I made damn sure to represent.

Lights, camera, action! Of course I had to hire a videographer (shoutout to Michael Shayne, killer on so many levels) because, you know, go big or go home.

Poppin' bottles? Yup. Grey Goose, Johnny Black, Champagne. Grey Goose mixed with Champagne. Tequila shots flowing like the Niagara Falls. Everyone getting lit and feeling all sorts of nice, but no amateurs, no blackouts, no visits to the bathroom to purge the last drink. Only professionals here. #allnight

Dancing? Yaaaaas. Dancing 'til the club closed. The entire night was all about dancing (and about me, of course, because #birthdaygirl). And obviously, the more everyone drank, the more everyone thought they looked baller on the dance floor. Especially me. Vodka always makes me feel like I'm one of the choreographers on Dancing With the Stars. Hey, don't tell me you can't relate.

And just to completely cancel out all the swag that was cramped into every hour... the night ended with me curled up in my Grandmother's faux fur coat, cuddling with my cat.

Hashtag? No regrets.

Love, as always, from your,

It Girl Friday

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