Lift the Weight off Your Skin

Let’s talk beauty. I don’t mean makeup, or contouring trends or fake eyelashes. I mean your true self, aka what you were born with. What I’m talking about is… *insert dramatic drumroll here*…



Skin care is like going to the gym. Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to start taking better care of yourself. To get fit. To get sexy. To be the healthiest, best looking version of you. And then maybe you commit. For a week. Or two. Maybe even three. Then, one day, you get lazy and think, “Ehhh, just one day of slacking off won’t hurt.” But then one day turns into two and two days turn into a week and the next thing you know… you’re back to where you started.

What I’m trying to get at here is that taking care of your skin is NOT convenient. It takes time and effort and money and COMMITMENT. It takes ambition and dedication. But can you really put a price on confidence? There is no greater feeling than putting in the work and seeing results: Radiant, glowing skin. You’re not going to see these results immediately (unless you’re getting Botox?) but, in the long run, you will see them and it will be sooooo totally worth it.

Forget “beauty” for a moment. Let’s skip past beauty and go straight to “healthy.” Your epidermis is a part of you. It’s just as important as your bones and muscles and everything else that lies underneath. So if you really want a healthy, glowing, younger looking face… be good to your skin. Period.

Here are three "must do" tasks to add to your daily skin care, "gym" routine and help you lift the "weight" off your skin:


And neck. And décolletage (area below your neck).Wait. Don’t skip this section. And don’t forget: Everything you do to your face, also do to your neck and décolletage! Do you wash your face EVERY night? Good. I’m proud of you. Pat yourself on the back and then shed a few tears as I tell you that a nightly face wash is NOT ENOUGH. You must, must, MUST wash your face every morning too. Just think of all the dead skin and sweat that accumulates on your face as you sleep. Do you really want that sitting on your face all day? I didn’t think so. Does washing your face twice a day sound irritatingly unnecessary? I’ve barely even started. You can think of washing your face each night as the equivalent of doing yoga once or twice a week. Washing your face every night AND every morning is about the equivalent of going to the gym every day… for a half hour. Yeah, you’re doing great things for your body, but don’t expect to look like a supermodel. If you want the equivalent of going to the gym every day, for two hours, and working out all parts of your body, weeeell… you’re going to need to put in some serious work.

Step one: Wash your face with an oil based cleanser. This will draw out all the nasty little impurities that have set up shop in your pores. Step two: wash your face AGAIN. *Gasp* Say whaaaaat? But you just washed your face! Suck it up, pansy, I told you this was going to take some work. The second time you wash your face, use a water based cleanser. You’ve already drawn out the impurities with an oil based cleanser. Now use the water based cleanser to wash them away completely. You already know that water and oil don’t mix well together, so it shouldn’t be a shocker to learn that they also play different, equally important roles in your skin care routine.

Follow your double cleanse with a toner. This will help shrink your pores and balance your skin’s pH level. And let’s just say this again… don’t leave out your neck and décolletage!!!

Whew! If you’re like me and live in a city where everyone is in a rush and time is of the essence, all that probably took longer than you would have liked. Smile and get used to it. You’ll have to do it all over again before hitting the hay each night.


Moisturize er’thing. Over time, skin starts to lose its elasticity (say, “Hellloooo wrinkles!”). An epidermis that is well moisturized will retain its elasticity much longer than dry, flaky skin. As far as your face goes, you’ll have to find a moisturizer that works well with your specific skin type. This may take some trial and error. Moisturize every morning, after your facial cleanse, and every night, before bed. Use a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or greater (so important!) and use a nightly moisturizer that targets your specific concerns (wrinkles, excessively dry skin, etc). Yes, you read right: two different moisturizers. Oh, and have I already told you that whatever you do to your face… YOU MUST ALSO DO TO YOUR NECK AND DECOLLETAGE?!

Don’t forget the rest of your body with this one either. Moisturize those hands regularly and use body lotion every time you get out of the shower. Every. Time. What? You thought your face was the only part of your body to lose elasticity? Nope. Yes, I realize this can get pretty tedious, especially if you’re a tall person, but snap out of your lazy stupor and do it anyway! It’s best to moisturize after you get out of the shower because your body is still damp. A proper moisturizer will utilize this dampness and lock in the extra hydration.


Use them. Point blank. Look, let’s just be real here. I don’t care what you see on television or in your Marie Claire magazine. There are no magical, unicorn, eye creams that work the second you put them on. Mmmkay? So just get that out of your head right now. Eye creams should be used to see results in the long run. They work over time. So be patient. They help your eyes to look bright and keep a youthful appearance. They slow down the aging process. Apply each morning and each night, after your moisturizer. And if you’re too lazy to do that and want to see immediate results, I don’t know what to tell you… hop on the Botox train?

Face cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions, eye creams… it all sounds like a lot of work, and expensive too, amiright? Let’s go back to the gym analogy. Every gym is different and every gym membership has a different monthly fee. Point? There’s something for everyone. You want to feel like a pampered superstar? Join the Mercedes Club and shell out $175. In other words, take a stroll through Sephora. Treat yourself to some Shiseido or La Mer. You want to stick with the bare bones? Pay ten dollars a month and go to Planet Fitness, aka a drug store. Snatch up some Olay or Neutrogena. So long as you have the drive to get off your ass and stick to the routine, you’re going to see results either way.

Look, I’ve already done the experimentation and legwork on this one for you, so just trust me, kay?

Love, as always, from your,

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