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DANAKIL is Killin' It.

Okay, so I absolutely HAVE to write about my new favourite design team, Bartosz Kusierz and Renata Patryn and their clothing line, DANAKIL. Based in Krakow but quickly gaining international popularity, this team is ridiculous in all the best ways.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with this dream team, as well as their talented photographer, Mateusz Szelc (One Light Studio) when they showcased their line in NYC. I saw their designs, dangling on a rack in the most tempting manner (is this what my furry feline feels like when I dangle a bag of catnip in front of her cute, little nose?), and immediately thought, "I must have these!" When I asked the trio about the line, I was informed that it was meant to be men's wear. Men's wear?! To me, this was clearly a unisex clothing line, and I told them exactly that.

"I would buy these, wear these and show these off, in a hot second. In fact, I know lots of chicks who would be interested in this line. Your male models look great in these, but have you ever considered getting a female to model your clothing as well?"

Apparently they liked the idea because I was then, unexpectedly, asked to be said model. I tried to play it cool but, let's be honest, I was stoked. Here's a photo from the shoot, taken by the other model, Angel Munoz (Munoz also does personal training in NYC, @nyc_strong on IG).

But back to the clothing. Upon further questioning, I learned that DANAKIL was inspired by nature. This totally made sense to me because what's more natural than nature? Nothing. And these clothes feel completely natural. Loose, comfortable, and still very fashionable - I'm itching to buy the entire line. The sweater/jacket I'm modeling in the above photo was.... well, it was like wearing Heaven. How can something so high-end still be so cozy? I was wearing absolutely nothing underneath and perhaps that's the best way to wear Danakil, because the material felt as though it was caressing my skin. Seriously. Caressing.

Admittedly, this line is not for those on a budget, but it won't exactly break the bank either (pricing available upon request) and, I promise you, it's worth every penny.

Visit DANAKIL's Instagram page here. You won't be disappointed!:

Love, as always, from your,

It Girl Friday

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