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Sprinkles Land: Dream Desserts

Welcome to Sprinkles Land, the new dessert shop in FiDi, where all your fantastical dessert dreams become a reality. Owned and operated by Wendy Chan and Charles Hon, Sprinkles Land is located just across the Brooklyn Bridge, only a hop, skip and jump from Pace University. Sprinkles Land is home to some of the most magical (and delicious!) creations in all of New York. Here, you can find ice cream filled with tiramisu cake, ice cream made from Japanese Purple Yams (what?!) and, of course, ice cream completely covered in rainbow sprinkles. My personal favorite part about diving into dessert at Sprinkles Land? is Each ice cream creation can be ordered in a wine glass! Serving their ice cream in wine glasses not only looks visually stunning, but also slows down the melting process too. Oh yeah, and the best part? The wine glasses can be taken home! Ice cream AND a new set of wine glasses? Count me in.

But Sprinkles Land offers more than just ice cream. They also serve smoothies, hot drinks, bubble tea, and more! Feel like having a private party? Sprinkles Land also hosts “Private Dessert Time,” which consists of rainbow fondue, rainbow drinks, rainbow crepes… and Angus burgers?! Care to learn the art of ice cream making? Sprinkles Land offers ice cream making classes to groups, upon request. Learn how to make homemade ice cream, while being educated on the history of ice cream making itself!

Check out some of my favorite desserts below:

                                                                                      PURPLE PARADISE

Made from Japanese Purple Yam, Purple Paradise is naturally purple in color. This ice cream is absolutely delicious and tastes nothing like yams, but more like a flavorful, slightly fruity vanilla. As an added benefit, Japanese Purple Yams have antioxidants and other nutrients, such as vitamin A and C, and are great for the skin. Purple Paradise also comes with a syringe full of Sprinkles Land's special, blue raspberry syrup and is decorated with edible shimmer! This was definitely my favorite.

                                                                                SPRINKLES LAND CONE

Their signature Sprinkles Land Cone is completely covered with sprinkles (of course) . Vanilla ice cream fills the base of the cone, although customers are free to choose whichever flavor they’d like best. This creation also has a mini cone, marshmallows, three different sized lollipops, and cotton candy... all covered in sprinkles. Get your camera ready for this one and prepare for a sugar high (do it for the 'gram!).

                                                                                        TIRAMISU LOVER

Inspired by Chan and Hon's trip to Italy, the Tiramisu Lover is both visually stunning and decadent. This dessert is made with their special tiramisu syrup, espresso powder and chocolate powder and topped with lady finger crumbs, chocolate macaroon, and chocolate cookie sticks. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, dive in and discover the delightful surprise of a tiramisu cake filled center!

Plan a trip to Sprinkles Land today and get your fix!

Sprinkles Land

38 Park Row


New York, New York

Phone: 212.766.8887

Love, as always, your,

It Girl Friday

*All photography by @tonylasagna7

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