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A Taste of Trata

It all started with a trip to Cobb's Hill Park. Raegan and I were relaxing by the pond, snapping selfies and enjoying the warm weather. I contemplated suggesting a walk around the reservoir, but quickly determined my heels were most definitely NOT made for the walk up the hill. Yes. I wore heels to the park. Keep your judgements to yourself, please and thank you.

We were waiting for 4pm, when Trata would be opening its doors and we could indulge in some tasty bites and much-deserved cocktails. When four o'clock hit, we scampered across the road and were two of the first through the door.

Not all restaurants are created equal. That much was apparent from the moment I stepped over the threshold. I had no idea a restaurant of such mass proportions even existed (at least not in Rochester). We asked to be seated on the rooftop and were lead to the third floor (yes- third. and each floor was massive), where we made ourselves comfortable at a shaded table with a view of the pond we had just visited.

We started with cocktails (of course) and were not disappointed. Raegan ordered a White Cosmo (orange vodka, lime, white and red cranberry) and I ordered a Lavender Collins (gin, lemon and lavender soda). Admittedly, I was hoping for a nice sprig of lavender to have garnished the glass but, other than that, I had zero complaints. Both cocktails were extremely refreshing.

Ordering from the menu proved to be difficult. EVERYTHING jumped out from the page. We waffled back and forth between several options, before deciding on their duck quesadilla and a side of chipotle honey brussels sprouts. LET ME TELL YOU. Those duck quesadillas are akin to crack. Okay, so I've never actually tried crack before but, judging by the addiction rate, I'm going to say crack probably tastes a lot like Trata's duck quesadillas. I'm not exaggerating when I say these quesadillas are now quite possibly my favorite appetizer in all of Rochester. The brussels sprouts were also nothing to scoff at. I was pleasantly surprised by the hearty portion. Between the quesadilla and the side of brussels sprouts, Raegan I were feeling all sorts of good (okay, okay, the cocktails probably had something to do with it too).

As luck would have it, we paid the bill just as it started to rain. Lucky for us - not so lucky for the family that had just gotten comfortable at the table across from us. As we made our way back down the many stairs, I was once again awestruck by the sheer magnitude of the place. Everytime I turned the corner there were more tables and another bar. This would be the perfect venue for an extremely large (and expensive) wedding. Or party. Hmmm... perhaps an It Girl Friday party? I think, yes.

I asked one of their handsome bartenders, Alexander, if he'd mind me snapping a picture and he politely agreed. When we hit the bottom step, I decided to peak around the back of the stairs to see what else I had missed. It turns out I had missed a POUR YOUR OWN wine and beer bar. WHAT?! I made a mental note to station myself directly in front of the spouts the next time I visited.

Final Verdict:

It Girl Friday gives Trata five stars! If you haven't been here already - shame on you. If you like pouring your own booze, go to Trata. If you like food that makes your taste buds org*sm, go to Trata. If you like rooftops... Trata. Cocktails... Trata. Everything... TRATA. Trust me - just go to Trata.

Raegan Says:

"I was definitely not expecting there to be a three story, fun and modern restaurant, practically walking distance from my apartment! Trata quickly became my new favorite restaurant in the Rochester area. The menu contains a vast array of items and the drinks are made to perfection - the White Cosmo tasted like fresh fruit! I love absolutely love the rooftop bar. It's a great place to spend a sunny afternoon and get some drinks with friends."

Find Trata Here:

(585) 270-5460

@ The Culver Road Armory

145 Culver Rd.

Rochester, NY 14620


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