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Rouge Isn't Just for Your Cheeks

World of beauty, meet Rouge. No, not I'm talking about blush. I'm talking about NYC's beauty hotspot and "go to" for everything from brow tinting to complete makeovers. Rouge is a great place to find yourself when you need to look your best and only going to a pro will do, but Rouge's beauty services go far beyond the average makeover. Can't find the perfect highlighter? Or lipstick? Having trouble finding a shade of nail polish that perfectly matches the new dress you just spent way too much money on? Quit scoping boutiques for a shade you'll never find and head down to Rouge to create your own. Yeah, you heard right - create your own highlighter, lipstick, or nail polish at Rouge. I had (unsuccessfully) searched high and low for the perfect highlighter before learning of this service and, needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity like a fat kid on a Twinkie. Walking through the door of Rouge is refreshing. Small and intimate, the first thing I noticed was the shelves, lined with jars of colorful powders. The words "Beauty Apothecary" immediately came to mind. I was, admittedly, a bit intimidated by all the options. The closest I had ever come to creating my own makeup was in middle school, when I mixed Pixie Sticks in some Vaseline (I had read in a magazine this was a good way to create lip balm that would taste good when you licked your lips. Feel free to roll your eyes.). Luckily for me, I wasn't just thrown into a corner to create on my own. I was given my very own Makeup Mixologist, DK, to assist me on my endeavor and provide constant support and advice. DK knew her stuff. First she put a peachy looking base powder in front of me, then about five jars of various colored, shimmery powders. "I'm a fan of the blue powder," she told me. "It's fun." So, okay, we put some blue in the peachy base. She was right. It was definitely a fun color. Then I added some red, and white, and some straight shimmer powder for a bold effect. I contemplated adding glitter, but decided that would be too extreme. Finally, after a bit of trial and error, I had created what I considered the perfect highlighter. I was soooo relieved- it was everything I had been searching for! DK guided me through the proper application process, showing me how the new highlighter could be quickly swept on, for a subtle glow, or layered for a dramatic "POW!" effect. My days of searching for the perfect glow were finally over.

As DK packaged up my new highlighter, I took one last look around and noticed a sign asking for old mascara wands to donate to our furry, orphaned animals friends (the brushes can be used to help remove fleas, burs, etc.). As if there weren't already enough reasons to make Rouge my new favorite beauty destination! I'm a sucker for any company that gives back to the community.

So, will I be back to try out the lipstick and nail polish creating process? Absolutely. Check Rouge out on the web at and find out how you too can help support our cute little animal friends at .

Love, as always, from your,

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